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Discord Bot Imperial Bank

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Discord Bot Imperial Bank | Developed by Gilbrush | If you are looking for a Discord Bot that manages banks, shops, requests, emails, teams, rankings and much more like throwing the dice or coins, the Imperial Bank bot is your thing! Functions and infos are listed down below in full detail. Any question or inquiry is to be sent through comment in the comment box down below, or you can simply join the discord server.

Click here to install the Botdiscord bot banca imperialeWARNING

A new version of the Imperial Bank is under development. From 5 May 2023, the old version will be replaced with a more innovative one with a graphical interface. For more information join the Discord server.

Bank & Shop – Requests – Teams & Ranking – Mail – Dice & Coin
Discord Bot Imperial Bank

N.B. The Imperial Bank Role is to be placed at the top of the roles list with administrator privileges.
It is recommended that interested servers set up an admin channel (see command .comadmin) to receive news, updates, and to check the bot status.

discord bot banca imperiale

Basic Commands

.status show the active services list and associated channels
.info show the bot’s basic informations.
.adlist show the admin commands list.

Bank & Shop
Discord Bot Imperial Bank

Earn Credits with any of the bank services. Credits can be spent in the shop or can serve as a simple score. When the bank is active, for every message written in any channel, there is a possibility that users can gain, or “win”, Credits; in this case, the winning message will be displayed in the channel chosen by the admin with the command .comban.
How to activate it: choose a channel with the command .comban.

Bank Commands


.comban to activate the service, choose a channel for the commands (eg. .comban #channelName). 
.delban to delete the actual bank channel and to disable all bank services (disabling the service will reset all data related to the bank, for all users).
.prizeoff disables automatic credits rewards when writing messages.
.prizeon reactivates the automatic rewards of credits when writing messages.
.modifycash (eg. .modifycash +100 @user) add or remove Credits for a specific user.
.modifyall (eg. .modifyall +100) add o remove Credits for all users in the server that have a bank account..
.setshop show a complete option list for setting the shop.


All the public commands work only in the bank channel which is set by the admins with .comban.
.cash donates 25 Credits per day to the user.
.wallet to know the Credits and objects owned in the inventory.
.wallet @username to check a specific user’s wallet (eg. .wallet @user).
.transfer to transfer your credit (eg .transfer @user); the # of credits to transfer will be asked soon after the comand is used.
.shop show the complete items list in the shop.
.buy itemCode to buy an item from the shop.
.use itemCode to use a purchased item, already present in the inventory.
.give to give an article in your possession to another user (eg. .give @user itemCode).

Discord Bot Imperial Bank

By setting a public channel for requests and a private one for admins, it is possible to send a request with the possibility of attaching a photo that verifies the authenticity of the request. A private message will be sent to the admin with a direct link to the request.
How to activate it: setting both an admin (.comadmin) and a public (.compub) channel.

Requests Commands


.comadmin choose a channel for admin communications (eg. .comadmin #channelName).
.delcomadmin to disable / delete the current channel for admin communications.
.compub choose a channel for public communications (eg. .compub #channelName).
.delcompub to disable / delete the current channel set for public communications.


.promotion (without any subsequent text) can be accompanied by a photo attached to the command.

Teams & Ranking
Discord Bot Imperial Bank

Add teams associated to a role, add users to teams, create a ranking, earn points and credits by connecting in voice chat.

Teams & Ranking Commands


.nsquad @team inserts a new team associated with a role.
.dsquad @team delete a team associated with a role.
.addplayer @team @user adds a player to a team.
.delplayer @user remove the player from the team.
.vocstart activate the control of voice channels, users associated with teams will earn points for their team while they are in a voice channel. If the bank is active on the server, they will also earn credits. It does not apply to muted users. The control applies to all types of both private and public voice channels.
.vocstop to stop the control of the voice channels. Once stopped, you have to wait 5 minutes to reactivate it.
.resetrank to reset player scores and leaderboard.


.rank to view the complete list of teams associated with the server and the score.

Discord Bot Imperial Bank

Create private channels that can communicate with each other like real emails.
How does it work? For hypothesis we create 2 private channels (Chan A – Chan B) that can be viewed by two roles (Role A – Role B); those with Role A, can use Chan A to be able to send a message that will arrive directly in Chan B and can be viewed by all those who have Role B and vice versa. Each E-mail channel can also be associated with multiple roles.

Mail Commands


.mail @role #channel associates a role with an e-mail channel.
.delmail #channel delete a channel from the e-mail channel list.
.delrolemail @role #channel delete a role from a given e-mail channel.
.listmail returns the list of all channels and roles associated with the emails.


.send @role or #channel allows you to send an e-mail from an e-mail channel to a single mailbox or to the multiple channels associated with a role.

Dice & Coin
Discord Bot Imperial Bank


.dice allows you to roll a die and choose how many sides it must have.
.coin flips a coin that returns heads or tails.

discord bot banca imperiale

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